Calum, F1

Mum drops me off, and I have a few minutes to say hello to some friends before the bell rings for registration.  We start off with a double period of Graphic Communication, and then French.  At break time we play a bit of football in the playground, before we head off to English.  I like writing stories, and I find it quite easy, so English is one of my favourite subjects along with Maths and PE.

I usually bring a packed lunch with me, and on most days I have something on at lunchtime - I'm a member of the choir, and I also play table tennis, but today I have debating. Mrs McGrath gives us a proposition, and we brainstorm good ways to tackle the argument for twenty minute before we have a quick debate.  The rest of the afternoon I have Chemistry, Geography and Maths.

I get home about 5pm, and after tea I start on my homework.  I have some revision to do for a test in Biology, and write a poem for English about Macavity the mystery cat.  I watch a  bit of TV with my family, and then I'll get my things together for tomorrow before bedtime.

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