Emily, L6

Each morning I catch the School bus at twenty past eight, and I arrive at a quarter to nine.  Our first job each morning is to write down our homework for that night, and I copy it down before we start work.

Our first lesson today is French with Mr MacKinnon, and then we start work on our Winter stories.  We have been doing mind maps to help us plan our ideas.  My story is about an elf who has a dream that he wants to be one of Santa's helpers.  Today I am using a skeleton to structure my story, and make sure I build up my ideas into a beginning, a middle and an end.  Once we have finished writing our stories, we will read them to the L1 pupils.

After break time we do some work on History.  At the moment we are working on Mary Queen of Scots.  There are lots of interesting things about her family which makes it fun to learn about.

At lunchtime, we all walk up together as a class to the big dining hall.  I have chicken pasta bake with potato wedges, and a yoghurt.  I have Chess Club during lunch time today with Mrs Powrie.  I play with one of our L4 players, who only joined the club this term, so he is still learning.

After lunch we do some History revision, for a test tomorrow.  We do some drama to help make some bits more exciting, and easier to remember.

Our last lesson of the day is Technology.  We are in the middle of a project making cars, but today we are working on making props for the Nativity play.  The whole school helps to get things ready for the play.  I am helping to cover plastic cones in glitter and tinsel, to decorate the stage.

After school I go to the netball club, and when I get home I do my homework.  We have spelling to practise every night, and we also do some work on Maths or English.

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