Schola Clara

Below are the words of the High School of Dundee School Song, Floreat Schola Taodunensis.

Floreat Schola Taodunensis

Schola clara, hodie
Grato te laudemus
Nos alumni carmine,
Matrem quam fovemus.

Prisca nutrix militum.
Vincla qui rupere
Scotis, et pro patria
Bello cecidere.

Semper viros nutrias,
Domos qui tutentur;
Patrum facta fortia
Semper aemulentur.

Gloria detur monachis
Qui te condidere,
Juvenesque artibus
Bonis imbuere.

Gloria detur civibus
Qui te refecere
Lautius, et splendidis
Donis ditavere.

Edidisti plurimos
Gnaros disciplinae,
Res gerendi publicas,
Legum, medicinae.


Taodunum floreat;
Floreat mercatura
Floreas, schola nobilis
Aeternum sis mansura 


Urba in colle posita,
Terrae sis vicinae
Lux; per aevum faveas
Studiis doctrinae.

Prospicis caeruleum
Taum, quem carina
Multa navigat, gravis
Merce peregrina.

Urba illustris veterum
Laudibus, praeclara
Navitis impavidis,
Minervae haud ignara.

Dives auctis opibus
Anxio labore,
Praedita per aevum sis
Prudentia et candore.

Omnes nos discipuli,
Quoquo pervagemur
Semper tuis laudibus,
Schola, gloriemur.

Semper tui memores
Nominis vivamus;
Semper esse decori
Tibi studeamus.



Mother School, thy children we
Hymn a grateful song to thee,
Thy fame and glory cherishing.

Ancient nurse of chivalry
Who burst the chains of tyranny,
For Scotland gladly dying -

Even now such heroes raise
Rivalling their father's praise
Hearth and home protecting.

Founder monks, say, shall we not
Honour ye, who young men taught
Goodness and sound learning?

Honour, too, another race
Later sons, for love this place
Splendidly enriching.

Forth from thy doors come men of parts
Learned in law, and in the arts,
Government, and healing.

Chorus (in the form of a toast)

To trade and commerce, to Dundee
Progress and Prosperity:
Noble School, good luck to thee
Now and to eternity.

David W. Erskine
(Rector 1955-1970)

City set upon a hill,
Light on Angus shed thou still,
Wisdom ever fostering.

Thy prospect is the river dark,
Upon her bosom many a barque
From far lands riches bringing.

On many a sea thy sons are bold,
In many a book thy skill is told,
The craftsman's skill of weaving.

Anxious toils makes wealth for thee:
Use thy riches prudently,
Honestly ensuing.

Mother School, thou art our home:
May we aye, where'er we roam
Give for thee thanksgiving.

Honour to thee we may bring:
True alumni, this we sing,
Thy fair name remembering.